Standard Features and Specifications
The DEVELOPERS liability with regard to the specifications is restricted only to the quality of work mentioned in the case of manufactured and bought out items registered with warranty extended by the manufacturer of such bought out items. The DEVELOPERS however undertake to provide only such items as are made from the manufacturers from reputed concern.

The project will be executed under the direction of the architect and assisted by consultants for various thrust areas structure, electrical, plumbing, landscaping etc.,



A. Type of Construction : RCC framed structure with 9” thick exterior Brick wall and 4-1/2” thick interior Brick Wall.
B. Loft : RCC loft of 2’0” wide at a height of 7’0” from floor level in all Bed Rooms.
C. Kitchen/Platform : Kitchen plat form will be of Black granite at a height of 2’8” from level with Diamond/equivalent make stainless steel single bowl sink with single drain board.
D. Flooring : Flooring includes skirting for all habitable rooms
1. Living, Dining Area : Vitrified Tiles.
2. Balcony : Vitrified Tiles.
3. Bedrooms : Vitrified Tiles.
4. Kitchen/Utility : Vitrified Tiles.
5. Toilets : Pastel / Soft colored ceramic tiles of Johnson/ equivalent make.
6. Lobbies : Polished marble slab, kotta stone-colour, pattern & size as specified by the architect.
7. Staircase : Marble Slab or kotta stone – colour, pattern & size as specified by the Architect for risers and threads.
8. Car Parking (Covered) : Granolithic Finishing over a bed of PCC flooring.
E. Door  
1. Main Door : Teak wood frame with paneled shutter fitted with yale lock and antique tower bolts, brass hinges and fitted with rubber door stopper
2. Other Doors : Treated wood frame with Skin door shutters fitted with iron oxidized hinges Mortise lock / equivalent with brass tower bolts, & rubber door stopper.
3. Toilet Doors : Treated wood frame with Marine water proof flush shutters with powder coated handle and brass tower bolts.
4. Windows/Ventilators : PVC window plain glass shutters and MS grills as specified by architect. UPVC Ventilators with Fixed louvers.
F. Plumbing  
1. Overhead tank : Common over head tank fitted with Duct pipes of PVC True Bore / Finolex / equivalent make and terrace pipes of UPVC.
2. Internal concealed Pipe : CPVC Pipe.
3. Exposed Piping : PVC of Finolex / Trubore or equivalent make.
4. Waste Water line : PVC of Finolex / Trubore or equivalent make.
G. Wall Tiles  
1. Toilets : Coloured glazed tiles up to a height of about 7’0” Somany / equivalent make.
2. Above Kitchen Platform : Glazed tiles up to 2’0” above the platform with Somany / equivalent make..
3. Utility : Pastel / soft coloured glazed tiles up to 5’0” ht of Somany / equivalent make.
H. Sanitary ware : The colour of all sanitary ware will be white.
Bathroom : a.EWC of ROCA / Equivalent make.
b.Ceramic Wash basin of ROCA/ equivalent make.
I. Sanitary Fittings :  
1. All Toilets : a. Chromium Plated basin fittings of jaguar /equivalent make.
b. Single lever diverter wall mixer Jaguar/ equivalent make.
c. Over head shower of Jaguar/equivalent make with arm and  rose.
d. Chromium plated low level tap and one concealed stop cock in each bathroom of Jaguar /equivalent make.
J. Electrical Supply & Wiring : 1.Concealed wiring using Finolex / Equivalent make suitable for 3
2. Switches/ plug points / light points / fan points / Main,Distribution   Board will be provided. MK switches will be provided as specified by architect.
Main Entrance : Calling Bell - 1 No.
Living Hall : Light Point - 2 Nos.
5Amps Socket - 1 No.
Fan Point - 1 No.
Telephone Point - 1 No.
T.V. Point - 1 No.
Dining : Light Point - 2 Nos.
5 Amps Socket - 1 No.
15 Amps Socket - 1 No.
Fan Point - 1 No.
Bed Rooms : Light Point - 2 Nos.
5Amps Socket - 1 No.
Fan Point - 1 No.
A/c unit - 1 No.
T.V. Point - 1 No.
Night lamp - 1 No.
Kitchen : Light Point - 2 Nos.
5 Amps Socket - 5 No.
15 Amps Socket - 4 No.
Fan point - 1 No.
Toilet : Light Point - 2 Nos.
5 Amps Socket - 1 No.
15 Amps Socket - 1 No.
K. Telephone Points : In living room and Bedrooms
L. Television Points : With cabling from common Reception Point terminating in the living room and Master bedroom capable of being linked up with cable operator’s signals.
M. Painting  
1. Ceiling : One Coat of White Cement primer and two coats of White Snow Cem / equivalent make.
2. Internal Walls : Two coats of Birla Cement Pasted Putty and one coat of Emulsion Primer and two Coats of Emulsion Paint.
3. External Walls : One coat of primer and two coats of External emulsion paint
4. Main Door : Melamine Polishing.
5. Doors & Grills : Synthetic enamel painting.
Common Areas  
A. Driveway & external area : Inter Locking Paving Blocks as specified by the Architect.
B. Sump : As per CMWSSB standards.
C. Pump : Single phase pump of Texmo / equivalent make.
D. Over head tank : Of adequate capacity as per Standards and comprising Of Two compartments with provision of draw from Sump into one and from auxiliary source like bore well in to other.
E. Gate/Name Board/Letter
    Boxes/Sentry post/
    light fittings :
Built to design as specified by the Architect.
F. Compound Wall : Will be provided on all sides, retaining Existing walls if any.
Roadside wall will be built to design as specified by the Architect.
G. Landscaping : Adequate landscaping will be provided as per Architect’s Design.
H. Anti termite Treatment : Proper anti termite treatment is done in the complex.
I. Drainage : Sewage treatment plant will be provided as per specifications. Rainwater harvesting arrangement will also be provided.
J. Water Supply : Well water will be treated provided as per specification
K. Lifts : Five lifts of Schindler / equivalent make will be provided.
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